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Concrete lining

Concrete lining

Effective containment in concrete bunds/ tanks can pose a challenge to traditionally rigid coating systems as failure can occur if the product cannot accommodate thermal contraction and expansion movements in the concrete. Unlike traditional rigid coatings Nukote range of Polyurea’s are the perfect solution for concrete lining.

Nukote ST pure polyurea provides a tough, flexible, and chemical resistant barrier to protect concrete containment bunds. Utilising polyurea on existing or new bunds, tanks provide a number of benefits:,

  • Forms a tough, seamless lining that seals the entire bund against leaking
  • Over 400% elongation means the bund retains its integrity if the substrate moves
  • Unlimited film build means that degraded concrete can be resurfaced with polyurea
  • Fast application and cure rate
  • Nukote ST-PW is AS/NZS 4020 certified for potable water tanks