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Conveyor Belt Repair

Conveyor Belt Repair

The majority of conveyor belts in the mining industry will eventually succumb to fatigue. A common problem is the damage on the sides where the skirts meet the belt and over time causes significant wear.

Nukote Australia has developed a unique system to repair worn conveyor belts. The system uses the latest innovation in polymer engineering and high performance polyurea technology.

The conveyor belt’s speed is reduced to allow the repair crew to perform work safely and efficiently. The belt’s surface is prepared and cleaned. Nukote Premera AET7 is applied to create a molecular bridge between the rubber and the topcoat. The topcoat is applied at the required thickness to the area of conveyor belt showing signs of wear.

This procedure is performed in-situ with only minimum removal of the conveyor belt’s components, ie. rollers and guards. Up to 1.7 km of belt surface can be repaired in a 24 hour period.