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Tank Linings –  Process Water and Chemicals

Tank Linings – Process Water and Chemicals

Nukote polyurea is frequently used to line, seal, remediate and protect concrete and steel tanks used to contain a wide variety of liquids.

  • Provides a tough, flexible, seamless, impermeable membrane which is tightly bonded to the tank wall and floor.
  • High elongation allows for the tank to move and flex without cracking – epoxy tank linings have minimal elongation and will crack if the substrate moves.
  • Excellent bond to concrete, steel and over PU sealants.
  • Unlimited film build allows additional product to be built up over degraded concrete or steel to remediate damaged surfaces.
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals with test data as back up.
  • Very fast surface preparation and coating process allows the tank to be returned to service far sooner than other coating systems.
  • Product gels and dries within seconds regardless of ambient temperature.
  • Nukote’s internal tank linings are approved by Water Corp for potable water storage tanks.