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About the Project

Completed internal lining work including launders, baffles and dingo door. Works completed during scheduled maintenance program.

The internal surfaces of the tanks were firstly abrasive blasted achieving a 90 micron profile. The steel surface is then tested for contaminants before the application of 3-4 mm of Nukote ST. On completion the coating works, holiday testing is conducted to ensure total monolithic encapsulation has been achieved. Nukote’s high performance polyurea coatings provide the ultimate protection delivering years of maintenance free service.

Nukote provides a complete turnkey service in the refurbishment of CIL tanks including relining the tank internal walls, floor, agitator shafts and blades and associated steelwork as well as tank external coatings.

Special Points Of Interest

  • Polyurea coatings provide the ultimate protection for CIL tank internal lining.
  • Durable, abrasion resistant membrane, prolong the life of the asset.
  • Short turn-around, internal lining work completed within Client's tight schedule safely and effectively.