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About the Project

Mild steel iron ore rail wagons are subject to significant erosion and corrosion from the abrasive nature of iron ore, moisture and contaminants.

The application of Nukote ST can significantly increase the service life of rail assets.

The internal surfaces of the rail wagons are firstly abrasive blasted achieving a 75 micron profile. The steel surface is then tested for contaminants before the application of 3-4 mm of Nukote ST. Higher film thicknesses are installed in the impact and high corrosion areas. On completion the entire wagon is holiday tested to ensure total monolithic encapsulation has been achieved.

The ore wagons are inspected every two years and any damaged areas can be easily repaired. The application of Nukote ST has seen a significant increase in the service life of mild steel ore cars.

Special Points Of Interest

  • Over 42,000 m2 (700 wagons) have been protected by Nukote ST.
  • Product hang up is reduced using Nukote ST providing significant weight savings and efficiencies.
  • The coatings can be applied in dedicated modular facilities set up anywhere in Australia.