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About the Project

Thickener tanks as used in the gold industry require constant maintenance due to their abrasive nature in the gold extraction process.

The joints of the thickener tank are firstly abrasive blasted achieving a 75 micron profile. The blasted surface is then tested for contaminants before the application of 3-4 mm of Nukote ST. Thicknerss of Nukote ST application depends on the nature of the substrate being held or treated in the tank. Higher film thicknesses are installed in the impact and high corrosion areas.

Special Points Of Interest

  • Higher film thicknesses can be applied to high wear areas to increase service life.
  • Polyurea coatings provide the ultimate protection for CIL tank internal lining.
  • Eight (8) newly constructed CIL Tanks, total approximately 6500 m2 area, completed safely and within schedule.